Simply Posting

Just the basics

Perfect for updating board minutes and news. Equal to roughly one or two post.

  • .5 hr. maintenance time
  • 30% discount on development services
  • Great for a simple maintenance
  • Post specials, news or events
  • Fits small companies


Content Service

Content Strategy and Maintenance

Great for keeping sites up to date on maintenance and following a content strategy for a healthy web presence.

  • 4 hr. maintenance time
  • Monthly content reminder
  • 40% discount on development services
  • Content strategy documentation
  • Fits most established small/medium sized companies

Best Plan!


Contract Staff

Flexable team member addition

If you have a large company and don’t need a full time addition to your team but want a well oiled staff member to help with development or campaigns.

  • 40 hrs. of developer time
  • 50% of extended developer time
  • Work documentation, planning, estimates where needed
  • Available for online meetings and calls


Most businesses tend to get overwhelmed while trying to stay current and up to date with their websites and social media platforms.

We can help with that.

Once a month we will send you an email reminder to discuss content updates, usability needs or updates to  the framework. Once we receive an email from you with your reply and content, we will then implement your specific direction.

We are always happy to post on a rigid schedule for clients and take care of site management on a corporate and technical level.

This service is presented as a subscription with a monthly fee geared towards a predetermined set time allowance, with a discounted rate towards other concierge services.

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